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a rose is a rose is a rose

school went pretty well today. we had an easy math test, followed by tomfoolery in double-period physics. i didn't have the homework sheet that we were going over so i didn't do much, and mr. emmer spent a lot of time moving kids around because they were talking too much. he threatened to give dan carleton a detention if he spoke to anyone other than the teacher for the rest of the period, so max tried to provoke him by asking him quick, straightforward questions and then begging him to answer, it was funny.

later tonight, adam, zach, tim and i went to roosevelt field to purchase gifts for cordie's surprise party tomorrow. we hit up j. crew, but nothing was on sale and i didn't want to blow all my cash on an $80 shirt. afterward we moved to fye and bought modest mouse's the moon & antarctica, one of the shins' cds, being john malkovich, and one other movie as presents for cordie. i got the ghost in the shell dvd for myself and asimov's forward foundation before adam's mom picked us up. we headed back to his place to play speed capitalism, in which i was defeated and tafted during the first hand and zach was able to keep winning bison for at least five games, what a loser. tim pretended throughout the night that his hand of cards was a rice paper fan and cooled himself with it while making vague pseudo-japanese grunting sounds, but this distraction resulted in his repeated failure to excise the bombs from his hand before playing his final card. such a fine game, even with just four players.

tim's mom took zach and i home from adam's house. i watched the ghost in the shell dvd that i got earlier and talked to maxim a little about paris hilton, the GED, and how she'll never be able to pass it. he just went to bed and there's nothing more to do, so i'm off to sleep.
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