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walt disney's the hardy boys watch the neighbors fuck

extracurriculars were cancelled today due to the weather. i did some shoveling with my brother and the sky had that twilight red glow that i only see after it snows, it was pretty outside. i have my first driver's ed lecture class tomorrow in the morning, then tutoring after school. my student's mom said that i was very helpful to her, so i'm happy. maybe i want to be an english teacher, maybe not...a professor, perhaps? hm. my interview for the telluride association summer program is scheduled for sunday at the barnes & noble in the city where i went with cty friends on black friday. they only accept something like seventy-five kids nationwide, but the interviewers are college undergraduate students and they're supposed to ask primarily about what i wrote on my application, so i think i'll be able to razzle dazzle them, er, take good care of them, i mean do well on the interview. i'm bored of final fantasy xi so i ordered deus ex and deus ex: invisible war from eb online, they should show up in a few days.

i need some new books to read too, if anyone has any suggestions.

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