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this is way beyond my remote concern of being condescending

today wasn't too bad. after school i went to latin club to run the rome birthday party with adam (he and i showed up at the first meeting when only underclassmen were in attendance and got ourselves elected consuls). his dedication to latin club has always been superior to mine, so he declared himself "major consul" and calls me "minor consul" in order to emulate caesar, who dominated his coconsul. it was funny until he started signing the club's official papers with his new title. after adam left the meeting, zach and i proposed that we deal with the problem by publicly assassinating him, which the club advisor fully supported. if you're reading this, bitch, watch your fuckin back.

after latin club i drove my mom to cvs and then home, ate dinner, worked out, and headed to kiss me kate pit rehearsal. i made a lot of dumb mistakes, which was irksome. everyone else in the pit is pretty skilled, except the professional saxophonist who is being forced to play the flute. he isn't bad for a total non-flautist, i guess, but his tone is funny.

summer = rock. the weather only changed a few days ago but i already have much more energy than in winter. or "iam ver egelidos refert tepores...iam laeti studio pedes uigescunt", as catullus would have it. i'm off to bed.

p.s. if you have the kiss me kate soundtrack on your computer, please send it to me because i couldn't find it online. thanks, later.
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