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"be there in a new york minute," said the finn, "no shit."

yesterday morning i took the writing and math IC sat ii's. the writing wasn't bad. i discussed catullus' poem 45 and the theory of spontaneous generation to prove that "what 'seems' isn't always what is". the math was a little tougher and i had to omit two, but i think i pulled it together. i had band reading with alumni from 1:45-5 for the school's fiftieth anniversary. we played a piece that my private teacher wrote for band, which was fun. he's a pretty skilled compoz0r.

last night i drove my dad down to roosevelt field and we went prom shopping; i bought a tie, shirt, shoes (which i needed anyway), and some dress socks. i may get a new suit later this week 'cause my current one is getting on in years, but we'll see. when i got home sara clements called and invited me to hang out with her, so i headed over there and hung out with zach, brooke, adam, tom, cordie, caroline, max, sara and sara's sis. i was mad tired so my recollection of the evening is hazy, though we discussed caroline's "guide to love" handbook ("you must combine 'truth' and 'intuition' to form 'truition', the key to ultimate romance.")

my mother got me up at nine this morning as per my request, but i fell back asleep, had a bizarre dream about being abducted by aliens, and woke up at two in the afternoon. i'm a waste. i had a trombone lesson from 4-5:20, then went to gonzalo's american cafe for my dad's birthday dinner, during which natalie portman was sitting right behind me whilst eating with her 'rents [she lives in my town]. my family was being rude and whispering about her, but they were mostly discreet until my grandpa shouted "I NEVER SAW COLD MOUNTAIN!" it was extremely embarrassing. i avoided eavesdropping on her by talking to my uncle about his professoring and my progress in driver's ed, but i couldn't help noticing that natalie is incredibly charming and witty in conversation, perhaps even more charming and witty than in my many fantasies of chancing upon her while taking my daily walk around town and my daily morning shower.

when i got home from dinner i talked to zach, brooke, sara, and moin, worked on my lame driver's ed term paper, and watched the sopranos. it's good tv, but it's hard to enjoy without understanding the episodes i've missed. that's the price i pay for trying to sporadically watch a show with a linear episodic plot, i guess.

so anyway, i have the ap english composition exam tomorrow. i've done pretty well on practice tests, so it shouldn't be bad. i have to study for the ap american history on friday, but that doesn't require any real problem solving either. that's about it.
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