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it was a deathless song

so...i defeated my friend tim mcgovern in the school elections last thursday to become president-elect, which was pretty cool. apparently i only won by 35 votes, so i guess all the campaigning paid off. tim and i ran a genial race without any vitriol (we gave out candy instead) so everybody won. on thursday night we had a concert band/symphony orchestra concert. it was well-received; soto really pulled together the candide overture and holst's second suite during the last two weeks. in orchestra we did a medley from west side story, good music but a whatevar arrangement. after the concert present president mr. moadel jr. (daniel) and i headed over to his house to celebrate my victory and his impending weekend field trip to d.c. we played nhl hockey '98 on the genesis, looked at union 2001 second sesh pictures, and watched the west wing until i collapsed around 1 o'clock and he drove me home. fun stuff.

on friday nothing much happened. after school i tutored my former shakespeare student in earth science, which i can't do to save my life. she thinks of the answer to a problem, i claim that she's wrong, then we check the back of the review book to see who was correct. it's sort of like hollywood squares, but without the pithy one-liners and a bored eighth grader instead of whoopi. then my father took me to see the mets ream the rockies. both teams had sloppy fielding and the no-name rockies catcher was totally hapless. on one pitch he hopped out of the way and let the umpire get hit in the face, renewing the eternal cycle of player agony and drunken fan ecstasy caused by pointless sports violence.

today i had morning driver's ed, consisting of routine street driving and parallel parking stuff. i yearn for teh speedz0r, but hal's teacher brake forever stands between me and my fantasies of shattered vertebrae and high insurance. i walked home from the hs afterward and went to jeff stein's "chock full o' 'cock" movie marathon. tim mcgovern, peter coleman, north shore alumna shayna something-or-other, and brian coville's little brother were in attendance, and some other theatre kids popped in and out. we watched the birds, notorious, rear window, and psycho. rear window is an awesome movie, i highly recommend. shayna drove me home at about 12, i played a bunch of final fantasy xi, and that's all. 'night.
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