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some velvet morning
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Date:2004-05-23 04:16
Subject:it was a deathless song

so...i defeated my friend tim mcgovern in the school elections last thursday to become president-elect, which was pretty cool. apparently i only won by 35 votes, so i guess all the campaigning paid off. tim and i ran a genial race without any vitriol (we gave out candy instead) so everybody won. on thursday night we had a concert band/symphony orchestra concert. it was well-received; soto really pulled together the candide overture and holst's second suite during the last two weeks. in orchestra we did a medley from west side story, good music but a whatevar arrangement. after the concert present president mr. moadel jr. (daniel) and i headed over to his house to celebrate my victory and his impending weekend field trip to d.c. we played nhl hockey '98 on the genesis, looked at union 2001 second sesh pictures, and watched the west wing until i collapsed around 1 o'clock and he drove me home. fun stuff.

on friday nothing much happened. after school i tutored my former shakespeare student in earth science, which i can't do to save my life. she thinks of the answer to a problem, i claim that she's wrong, then we check the back of the review book to see who was correct. it's sort of like hollywood squares, but without the pithy one-liners and a bored eighth grader instead of whoopi. then my father took me to see the mets ream the rockies. both teams had sloppy fielding and the no-name rockies catcher was totally hapless. on one pitch he hopped out of the way and let the umpire get hit in the face, renewing the eternal cycle of player agony and drunken fan ecstasy caused by pointless sports violence.

today i had morning driver's ed, consisting of routine street driving and parallel parking stuff. i yearn for teh speedz0r, but hal's teacher brake forever stands between me and my fantasies of shattered vertebrae and high insurance. i walked home from the hs afterward and went to jeff stein's "chock full o' 'cock" movie marathon. tim mcgovern, peter coleman, north shore alumna shayna something-or-other, and brian coville's little brother were in attendance, and some other theatre kids popped in and out. we watched the birds, notorious, rear window, and psycho. rear window is an awesome movie, i highly recommend. shayna drove me home at about 12, i played a bunch of final fantasy xi, and that's all. 'night.

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Date:2004-05-04 22:45
Subject:some velvet morning when i'm straight

check out this humorous film, courtesy of zach:


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Date:2004-05-02 22:42
Subject:"be there in a new york minute," said the finn, "no shit."

yesterday morning i took the writing and math IC sat ii's. the writing wasn't bad. i discussed catullus' poem 45 and the theory of spontaneous generation to prove that "what 'seems' isn't always what is". the math was a little tougher and i had to omit two, but i think i pulled it together. i had band reading with alumni from 1:45-5 for the school's fiftieth anniversary. we played a piece that my private teacher wrote for band, which was fun. he's a pretty skilled compoz0r.

last night i drove my dad down to roosevelt field and we went prom shopping; i bought a tie, shirt, shoes (which i needed anyway), and some dress socks. i may get a new suit later this week 'cause my current one is getting on in years, but we'll see. when i got home sara clements called and invited me to hang out with her, so i headed over there and hung out with zach, brooke, adam, tom, cordie, caroline, max, sara and sara's sis. i was mad tired so my recollection of the evening is hazy, though we discussed caroline's "guide to love" handbook ("you must combine 'truth' and 'intuition' to form 'truition', the key to ultimate romance.")

my mother got me up at nine this morning as per my request, but i fell back asleep, had a bizarre dream about being abducted by aliens, and woke up at two in the afternoon. i'm a waste. i had a trombone lesson from 4-5:20, then went to gonzalo's american cafe for my dad's birthday dinner, during which natalie portman was sitting right behind me whilst eating with her 'rents [she lives in my town]. my family was being rude and whispering about her, but they were mostly discreet until my grandpa shouted "I NEVER SAW COLD MOUNTAIN!" it was extremely embarrassing. i avoided eavesdropping on her by talking to my uncle about his professoring and my progress in driver's ed, but i couldn't help noticing that natalie is incredibly charming and witty in conversation, perhaps even more charming and witty than in my many fantasies of chancing upon her while taking my daily walk around town and my daily morning shower.

when i got home from dinner i talked to zach, brooke, sara, and moin, worked on my lame driver's ed term paper, and watched the sopranos. it's good tv, but it's hard to enjoy without understanding the episodes i've missed. that's the price i pay for trying to sporadically watch a show with a linear episodic plot, i guess.

so anyway, i have the ap english composition exam tomorrow. i've done pretty well on practice tests, so it shouldn't be bad. i have to study for the ap american history on friday, but that doesn't require any real problem solving either. that's about it.

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Date:2004-04-29 21:55
Subject:for the gentle wind does move

i got into telluride, w00t! it's a cty-like summer program thing at cornell. they assigned me to some "battle of the sexes during the renaissance" course that wasn't my first choice, but whatevar. i spent most of my free periods studying for the double period electrostatics test so that i wouldn't suck a fuck, i think i did pretty well. i also bought prom tickets and handed in my kiss me kate newspaper article late, oops. i was at a guidance appointment on monday and the silly counselor didn't clear me, so i was marked on the school computer's detention list for cutting class and had to explain my innocence to all my teachers, who study the detention list daily to pick out their students' names. i called the guidance counselor, but she still didn't take care of it, so i had to go see the dean during 7th period math. this school...

anyway. after school i drove home, changed into concert clothes, and rode the big yellow bus to longwood high school in suffolk for a combined jazz concert with their band; during the journey ilena ryan told me how she didn't get into any of her choice colleges. poor girl. longwood hs has nearly 3000 students, more than the population of sea cliff, and a huge stadium to accommodate them. it was rather intimidating. we played black magic woman, charlie parker's now's the time, sing sing sing (the song from the chips ahoy commercial), and carl strommen's ben's blues. the other band did a few songs from their repertoire alone. i slept for greater part of the hour-plus bus ride back. justin musaffi invited me to go with him and his friends to otakon during the summer, but it conflicts with telluride. oh well.

i'm probably not going to do all state this year because it would be on the same day as the ap u.s., my teacher didn't help me find an accompanist until last week, and i have too much going on to practice for it. i'll still use the accompanist for making college tapes, but that'll come later. now i have to study for latin and the driver's ed mid-term. 'night

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Date:2004-04-24 09:06
Subject:every mediterranean barmaid's daftness

the first night of kiss me kate went quite well. the leads sang awesomely for a high school production, and the pit was sweet as usual. my own playing wasn't bad. i made a few mistakes in the second act when i started to get tired, but kempton picked up the slack. the audience was a little cold at first, but they were laughing it up by the end of the show. there are going to be two performances today at 2 and 8 pm, which is gonna be tiring. if you haven't seen it yet, you'd better come.

time for driver's ed, i'll give you a more detailed entry later.

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Date:2004-04-21 23:19
Subject:this is way beyond my remote concern of being condescending

today wasn't too bad. after school i went to latin club to run the rome birthday party with adam (he and i showed up at the first meeting when only underclassmen were in attendance and got ourselves elected consuls). his dedication to latin club has always been superior to mine, so he declared himself "major consul" and calls me "minor consul" in order to emulate caesar, who dominated his coconsul. it was funny until he started signing the club's official papers with his new title. after adam left the meeting, zach and i proposed that we deal with the problem by publicly assassinating him, which the club advisor fully supported. if you're reading this, bitch, watch your fuckin back.

after latin club i drove my mom to cvs and then home, ate dinner, worked out, and headed to kiss me kate pit rehearsal. i made a lot of dumb mistakes, which was irksome. everyone else in the pit is pretty skilled, except the professional saxophonist who is being forced to play the flute. he isn't bad for a total non-flautist, i guess, but his tone is funny.

summer = rock. the weather only changed a few days ago but i already have much more energy than in winter. or "iam ver egelidos refert tepores...iam laeti studio pedes uigescunt", as catullus would have it. i'm off to bed.

p.s. if you have the kiss me kate soundtrack on your computer, please send it to me because i couldn't find it online. thanks, later.

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Date:2004-03-16 23:37
Subject:walt disney's the hardy boys watch the neighbors fuck

extracurriculars were cancelled today due to the weather. i did some shoveling with my brother and the sky had that twilight red glow that i only see after it snows, it was pretty outside. i have my first driver's ed lecture class tomorrow in the morning, then tutoring after school. my student's mom said that i was very helpful to her, so i'm happy. maybe i want to be an english teacher, maybe not...a professor, perhaps? hm. my interview for the telluride association summer program is scheduled for sunday at the barnes & noble in the city where i went with cty friends on black friday. they only accept something like seventy-five kids nationwide, but the interviewers are college undergraduate students and they're supposed to ask primarily about what i wrote on my application, so i think i'll be able to razzle dazzle them, er, take good care of them, i mean do well on the interview. i'm bored of final fantasy xi so i ordered deus ex and deus ex: invisible war from eb online, they should show up in a few days.

i need some new books to read too, if anyone has any suggestions.


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Date:2004-03-15 21:36
Subject:vivamus, mea lesbia, atque amemus

today's breakdown by period:

0-went to the weight room for a gym makeup and ran three miles on the treadmill there. unfortunately the weight room clock is fifteen minutes slow so i had to run to class and didn't have time for a shower, leaving me feeling a little skeevy for the rest of the day.

1-dr. stark excused me for being late, yeah dr. stark, and we discussed eugene v. debs. he has a habit of telling max and calvin to be quiet while they're being well-behaved but lets the three hottie bopper girls in the back of the room keep talking, kinda lame.

2-picked up the pro caelio oration that i forgot to get on friday from mr. whalley, did the questions for it in the library, then shelved some books.

3-english consisted of discussing jonathan swift's modest proposal and snickering about the idea of eating babies. i unintentionally punned the suggestion that swift "served up some statistics". get in my belly.

4-whalley explained the finer points of pro caelio and described how one might administer the poison aconite through the vagina. he then called me up to the blackboard for a mysterious class demonstration and punctuated his request with a sardonic chuckle, but was cut off by the bell. guess whose class i'm cutting tomorrow.

5-band went alright. soto called on me to play something easy in candide and i totally blew it, but everyone else in the brass section did too, so it's okay, sort of.

6-helped adam carry the cake that brooke baked for him to the cafeteria, where we consumed it with zach and others. bought a pack of gum at the deli, went back to the library and finished today's shelving while obnoxiously popping a huge piece of bubblicious. i work there so i can do whatever i want.

7-function and limit practice. calvin quipped that dr. gerver's young children call him "docta goivah", 'cause that's how my math teacher talks, it was pretty funny.

8-in gym we did teamwork activities, this time trying to cross the shark-infested gymnasium floor with only a jumprope, two rubber bases, a hula hoop, and a flat scooter. oh pickleball, we hardly knew ye.

9-reviewed for tomorrow's physics test, it's gonna be easy.

after school-went to rehearsal until 4:15, then home for dinner, and came back to school for jazz band from 5:45-8:15. i only have to do latin homework and studying for physics, then sleep.

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Date:2004-03-13 01:39
Subject:a rose is a rose is a rose

school went pretty well today. we had an easy math test, followed by tomfoolery in double-period physics. i didn't have the homework sheet that we were going over so i didn't do much, and mr. emmer spent a lot of time moving kids around because they were talking too much. he threatened to give dan carleton a detention if he spoke to anyone other than the teacher for the rest of the period, so max tried to provoke him by asking him quick, straightforward questions and then begging him to answer, it was funny.

later tonight, adam, zach, tim and i went to roosevelt field to purchase gifts for cordie's surprise party tomorrow. we hit up j. crew, but nothing was on sale and i didn't want to blow all my cash on an $80 shirt. afterward we moved to fye and bought modest mouse's the moon & antarctica, one of the shins' cds, being john malkovich, and one other movie as presents for cordie. i got the ghost in the shell dvd for myself and asimov's forward foundation before adam's mom picked us up. we headed back to his place to play speed capitalism, in which i was defeated and tafted during the first hand and zach was able to keep winning bison for at least five games, what a loser. tim pretended throughout the night that his hand of cards was a rice paper fan and cooled himself with it while making vague pseudo-japanese grunting sounds, but this distraction resulted in his repeated failure to excise the bombs from his hand before playing his final card. such a fine game, even with just four players.

tim's mom took zach and i home from adam's house. i watched the ghost in the shell dvd that i got earlier and talked to maxim a little about paris hilton, the GED, and how she'll never be able to pass it. he just went to bed and there's nothing more to do, so i'm off to sleep.

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Date:2004-03-08 22:21
Subject:speak, strike, redress!

yesterday afternoon i went to joy brigis' birthday brunch party at her house in sea cliff, along with fellow matts freiman and galati, emily gonthier, catie uihlein, alex m., laura deluca, kristalynn kempton, and newspaper co-editor molly zeins. we were served tasty baklava and other breakfast sweets, it was the win. i also got to discuss prom dresses with the girls, one of my favorite activities. i would go into more detail, but there was a lot about womens' waist sizes that i will never understand.

my dad took me home around four so that i could run and shower, then drove little brother zan and i to paradiso for his fifteenth birthday dinner, where we met up with my aunt and uncle from valley stream, my second cousin and cousin-in-law, and their fifteen-year-old daughter. the chicken marsala wasn't bad and we talked about the humor of curb your enthusiasm. zan was slightly sullen because i'd infected him with my cold, but we had a fine evening.

i went home and finally memorized catullus 86, a cruel but funny poem, then did some easy math and a practice national latin exam. the nle is tomorrow, i ain't too worried. the meter questions and the culture section are pretty easy, and i can study for the rest.

today i had my tutoring session with young amanda harowitz. she's actually not half bad at shakespeare, but her teacher forces the students to read straight through the play in class without stopping to puzzle out language or discuss shakespeare's meaning. julius caesar is also much too advanced for most eighth graders to be reading in school, but i think i'll be able to help. my gym teacher said that i'm in danger of failing because i missed too many classes this quarter and i should probably go to a makeup tomorrow morning, but i'm putting that off till next week. 'night

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Date:2004-03-07 01:17
Subject:rainbow's end

zach left a few minutes ago. we had slated tonight for watching and mocking low budget scifi movies and cartoon network anime. sounds boring, but zach is a quality entertainer. toonami's .hack/sign was our best target by far; it concerns a party of online virtual reality rpg nerds (most of whom are beautiful teenage girls) who cannot log out from their game without suffering brain damage due to the efforts of an incredibly powerful femme fatale haxxor.

anyway, i passed out on the couch last night after going downstairs for a glass of water, so the sunrise woke me up at 7:30. i lazed around, played final fantasy, and read my oxford classical library catullus till about 12:00, when mom suddenly remembered that she had rescheduled my trombone lesson to 12:30 without telling me. the lesson went well, though, and kempton was patient when i coughed while playing or left to get more tissues. i have to memorize david's concertino before nyssma creeps up.

my father picked me up for auto practice in the afternoon. drivers' ed starts in about two weeks so i have to prepare myself. i havent had much difficulty in street driving yet, but adam said that the in-car instructor is a hopeless pothead, and multiple reports identify the lecture teacher as one "dick zücker", a racist, sexist german emigrant with a deep-seated hatred for young people and a burning passion for cigarettes and second-hand smoke.

i'm kind of depressed. this is partly due to sleep deprivation and being sick, so i'd best go to bed.

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Date:2004-03-05 21:40
Subject:can't you see how your love's affecting our reality

evenin', folks. during first period adam showed me the pride and prejudice style piece about birth out of wedlock that he wrote at 4 a.m. not too bad, except that he comically used the word "lover" to close nearly every sentence, and chose to title the work "pretense and procreation". at least he doesn't put hidden messages in his livejournal entries; a special prize goes to the reader who can find the one here. catullus study and prep for the inclass english british novel critique essay took up most of second period in the library. respectively, adam, zach and i were begged for help in selecting a critique at least four times, but it's ok; i sure am glad i never procrastinate till the last minute, -ahem-.

anyway, the latin test and the essay turned out fine. next was band, during which i did nothing because my nose was stuffy. david soto, band conductor extraordinaire, seemed a little skeptical about my illness, but i did some powerful talking and he let me go. library shelving work followed, then math with dr. gerver. ended the day in emmer's physics class; he let us out at the beginning of ninth period because half the class had to go get ready for 'sports night', north shore's silly school spirit quasi-pep rally.

my latin tutoring charge's mother fired me after one lesson because her daughter had a basketball tryout for one appointment and chose not to show up for the others. i missed one when i was sick, but still. she claimed that her eighth grade daughter, who had no studying skills, had to "take responsibility for herself". good luck, kid. for my new assignment, i managed to score the one shakespeare tutoring job. capital. the mother was a little discouraging, though. apparently her daughter couldn't understand shakespeare from the beginning of the unit, has been doing badly on tests in other subjects, and "needs help with study skills". ruh roh. to help me find my new pupil, the mother described her daughter as "petite", which should help me in separating her from the other eighth graders in the middle school. but hey, we'll be reading julius caesar.

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Date:2004-03-05 00:11
Subject:'Rule Forty-two. All persons more than a mile high to leave the court.'

so...we competed in the third round of mock trial tonight against holy trinity. i was a little worried about sounding like daffy duck on the stand because i've been sick since sunday and stayed home monday, but it all worked out and i didn't have to blow my nose during testimony. the lawyers were slightly unprepared (josh was writing down his material for me ten minutes before we had to get on the bus) and we lost a few good questions to objections that our team could have argued down, but our witnesses were all skilled as usual. we lost by a few points, whatevar.

the judge came up to me afterward and said that i was spectacular, which was pretty cool. and our adversaries were a lot more professional than that asshat cocky oceanside team who we opposed in round two. or the newb yeshiva from round one whose witnesses couldn't make eye contact with the judge. i want to be a lawyer next year, if only because i like wearing a suit to school.

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Date:2004-03-04 21:32
Subject:an atomic attack

on saturday i went into the city to hang out with some ctyers. mother dropped me off at grand central station around 1:45, at which time i found maxim listlessly circling the information booth awaiting the appearance of his companions. he assisted me in interrogating several police officers with the intent of locating a restroom, and we later set up a circular patrol about the info booth that we might better intercept our comrades upon their arrival. the others showed up in short order; their number was composed of andy martin, rosie, wolfenstein, a-bomb, emily greenhouse, emily m., and muffin's former girlfriend caroline c. wazer. gifts were presented, with andy receiving an original ninja turtles movie dvd from maxim for his birthday, and maxim being given in turn an exquisitely aged guide to a portrait of the artist as a young man.

we rounded the info booth in a square pattern for a few minutes, then moved on to pronto pizza. a-bomb and i discussed some mock trial, more on that in a later entry. he said that he wanted to buy a cheap frisbee to play with maxim and watch me catch the disc in my mouth like a pup, and i made the unfortunate utterance "sure, i'll get on all fours for you". this is the price of having a nickname that's too big to handle. we considered the passion of the christ. opinions were mixed, but i doubt that it'll drive anyone to violence. mel gibson makes mediocre films anyway. and his dad is crazy.

we went from pronto to a small park; i can't remember what it was called, but a-bomb and i christened it "the blasted heath" in reference to its moribund lawn. e.m. wanted to ride a little green carousel at the edge of the park and we obliged her, though the ponies and rodeo kittens were a bit small for a mad dog like myself, so e.g. and i took pictures with maxim's camera. next we wandered without a plan until our group came upon chashama's house of variety, a two-part establishment that was both circus clown family-style sex shop (i don't know either) and sixties happening performance art. fortunately we only visited the art section, which gave patrons the option to paint on the walls or the building's roof, somersault on a soft gymnastics mat, or wear massive foam sunflower necklaces. not to mention the stoned proprietor, who weakly hit me with a funoodle while making tired, uninspired grunting noises. i mostly observed and hung out on the roof when we moved up there. another member of the chashama troupe was sitting in the building's glass storefront, where he conversed with passersby about performance art and life. i headed down to the street with e.g. and a-bomb after a while, and the rest of the group joined us once they departed from the roof. unfortunately, wolfenstein and caroline had to leave in order to head back to white plains.

those who remained watched a cool street hiphop act and moved on to kids r' us, but it was too crowded to accommodate our posse so we didn't stay long. we returned to grand central and sat down in the lower cafeteria level, buying roses and picking up snacks in a small sandwich shop on the way. we played ten fingers and exchanged witty banter till andy and rosie got a ride from his parents. then only a-bomb, maxim, emily m. and myself remained. the other two boys and i wanted to see starsky & hutch, but moin was tired and i had worked out a deal to ride the train to rvc with her in exchange for a free drive back to the north shore, so we set off for penn station, which was about ten blocks away. with the entrance of our destination in sight, moin and i realized that we had to use the bathroom. penn station's is too dirty, so we went to try nathan's. while washing my hands, i was bumped quite rudely by a fellow behind me, but thought nothing of it. moin came out of the women's shortly after i had finished, weeping while gesturing ridiculously and explaining that all the toilets in her bathroom were covered with blood and she would have to use the men's while i stood guard. i reentered the little boy's room and noticed the chap who had bumped me, a suspicious-looking noncauc, carrying a mysterious plastic bag into a stall and beginning to flushing repeatedly, probably emptying the contents of his poor-man's fannypack into the toilet. by this time moin was quite hysterical, and i was prepared to give that noncauc a little what for with my double twin-pistons, as i like to call them: but she relented and chose to face the risk of sitting on disease-carrying biohazard, the alternative being a bloody pummeling for the bag-flusher. regardless, the train arrived without incident and we boarded while maxim and a-bomb remained at the station. moin read some of esquire's latest issue to me during the trip and i was escorted back to sea cliff by her ever-generous and genial parents. i forgot to give back my the star trek tapes and kane karo to moin when it would've been most convenient, oops. recounting last saturday has worn out my hands, so the week's description must wait till later.

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Date:2004-02-14 14:15
Subject:aim high the laserbeam, geekz0rs

dax, phil, and alfonso are going to be here in about an hour. this is a really pathetic thing to be doing on valentine's day.

moin wanted me to post the following attempts at allaying her columbia java class boredom.
she is a joke.Collapse )

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Date:2004-02-11 07:48
Subject:one minute warning

so, mock trial today. last night vice principal torossian was supposed to come in with a lawyer to coach us from 6-8, but only the lawyer and i showed up so it was sort of cancelled. i guess toro was at a meeting or something, but come on man. i object, your honor: i am too cool for school.

the applications for senior humanities programs are due before noon. the teachers probably don't even read them, but i wrote mine regardless...

dax, chor^, and zigma from (S|B) are coming over on saturday to build my computar with me. le excitamente. i know it's geeky, but still cheaper than buying a dell.

selected stories of philip k. dick is a fine collection that i highly recommend. i'd better go brush my teeth or i'll be late.

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Date:2003-12-28 21:06
Subject:any toys for your head, of the new'st and fin'st, fin'st wear-a?

sorry that this is a shitty entry, but i'm sick. damnit. i'll write about my trip to europe later.

magnolia is a capital film.

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Date:2003-12-20 03:05
Subject:portrait of the artist in a young man's mind

today involved standard pre-vacation partying. due to last night's wee-hour action i had trouble getting up and forgot the english binder containing my scarlet letter essay and the cookies that mom baked for my class parties. i had to call her during ap us and have her deliver them; i'm such a pain. people enjoyed the cookies and we played 7-up till the game fell apart because no one understood the rules.

in english we ate more junk food and read a boring, maudlin treatise against bilingual education by richard rodriguez. in latin we played factum, a latin trivia game invented by mr. whalley in which teams try to fill five categories with answers beginning with a certain letter before anyone else. i was on a team with adam, molly, and chris simpson. we were clearly the best, but matt galati's team kept making up bullshit answers and then calling a false factum. oh well. band involved playing around with sleigh ride. i spent sixth period studying for the 7-8 period math test with adam, which went alright, and discussing the merits of the novel silver pigs, an intense mystery set in ancient rome, with zach, adam, and mr. whalley. marcus didius falco is the philip marlowe of ancient rome: streetwise, too honest for his own good, and a sucker for a pretty face. bad detective fiction sets my heart a-racin.

in physics we said goodbye to mr. plassmann and ate pizza. dan, johnny chang richard, alex graham and i had a nerd discussion about warcraft iii for a while, then i moved on to the big group of girls. molly insisted on trying on my glasses (though she does it at least once a week), set them down on her nose, and cried "i look so emo!" anita shih turned to me and said, "hey, you remember that girl--that girl emily from cty who was at all county? she said she bought glasses like those just so she could push them down." geez.

after school i packed for london and went to tim's house to wait for rob ross, who took us to see lotr: rotk. rob has a nifty firewire connection in his car that allows him to hook an ipod into the sound system. we were lost searching for the theatre until i played rammstein's "asche zu asche" at full volume and proclaimed it our driving theme, after which the road we'd been looking for suddenly materialized. gotta love german heavy metal with three-word lyrics.

rotk was definitely the best of the three movies in the series, though the ending was painfully drawn out. the fight scenes were pretty hot and there was some accidental comedy, and that's it.

tomorrow, to england.

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Date:2003-12-18 23:49
Subject:but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield

scarlet essay finally done. phew. some miscellaneous crap:

i had my first trombone lesson in a few weeks today. kempton had me sightread ferdinand david's concertino; i fucked it up. i used the wrong lubricant on my slide, though, so i wasn't exactly operating at peak performance. i managed to weasel an extension from stark on my ap us report with the excuse that my book didn't arrive in the mail until two days ago.

zach and i may go to see rotk tomorrow, hoo boy. in physics our substitute teacher is being replaced by the returning mr. emmer, who had heart surgery in november. as a going away present, he gave us an extra credit question the last test about our favorite physics subject. after he handed it back today, he called us "the biggest brown-nosers" he's ever seen. by popular demand, i read my answer to the class. i've copied it here for my own edification:

the topics of simple harmonic motion and kepler's laws were most interesting to me this quarter. i have always been fascinated with pendulums, and exploring the mathematics of their operation was highly enjoyable. the pendulums governed by simple harmonic motion are used as metronomes--my trombone teacher uses one of these devices, though my personal metronome collection is fully electronic. i quivered in sheer wonder at the prospect that a pendulum's period does not vary with its amplitude; the day we learned that was truly great for matt horn. as a dedicated watcher of heavenly bodies, i found kepler's laws comparable to simple harmonic motion in their ability to titillate and amaze my eager mind. that the orbits of the planets are governed by the ellipses i'm studying in precalculus is especially "cool". those three maxims of celestial study and newtons' law of universal gravitation also allowed me to perfect the camera-equipped earth-orbiting satellite that gives me the power to observe (and copy) your stylish wardrobe. physics is, without a doubt, essential to human progress, both yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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Date:2003-12-16 22:36
Subject:all is well with the cosmos.

joyce's ulysses, faust parts i and ii, geography and plays, the american political tradition, wuthering heights, and jane eyre are now mine thanks to the magic of the interweb. london in four days, mmhm. i'll post a real entry later.

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