Matt (mooddoogs) wrote,

but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield

scarlet essay finally done. phew. some miscellaneous crap:

i had my first trombone lesson in a few weeks today. kempton had me sightread ferdinand david's concertino; i fucked it up. i used the wrong lubricant on my slide, though, so i wasn't exactly operating at peak performance. i managed to weasel an extension from stark on my ap us report with the excuse that my book didn't arrive in the mail until two days ago.

zach and i may go to see rotk tomorrow, hoo boy. in physics our substitute teacher is being replaced by the returning mr. emmer, who had heart surgery in november. as a going away present, he gave us an extra credit question the last test about our favorite physics subject. after he handed it back today, he called us "the biggest brown-nosers" he's ever seen. by popular demand, i read my answer to the class. i've copied it here for my own edification:

the topics of simple harmonic motion and kepler's laws were most interesting to me this quarter. i have always been fascinated with pendulums, and exploring the mathematics of their operation was highly enjoyable. the pendulums governed by simple harmonic motion are used as metronomes--my trombone teacher uses one of these devices, though my personal metronome collection is fully electronic. i quivered in sheer wonder at the prospect that a pendulum's period does not vary with its amplitude; the day we learned that was truly great for matt horn. as a dedicated watcher of heavenly bodies, i found kepler's laws comparable to simple harmonic motion in their ability to titillate and amaze my eager mind. that the orbits of the planets are governed by the ellipses i'm studying in precalculus is especially "cool". those three maxims of celestial study and newtons' law of universal gravitation also allowed me to perfect the camera-equipped earth-orbiting satellite that gives me the power to observe (and copy) your stylish wardrobe. physics is, without a doubt, essential to human progress, both yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
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