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portrait of the artist in a young man's mind

today involved standard pre-vacation partying. due to last night's wee-hour action i had trouble getting up and forgot the english binder containing my scarlet letter essay and the cookies that mom baked for my class parties. i had to call her during ap us and have her deliver them; i'm such a pain. people enjoyed the cookies and we played 7-up till the game fell apart because no one understood the rules.

in english we ate more junk food and read a boring, maudlin treatise against bilingual education by richard rodriguez. in latin we played factum, a latin trivia game invented by mr. whalley in which teams try to fill five categories with answers beginning with a certain letter before anyone else. i was on a team with adam, molly, and chris simpson. we were clearly the best, but matt galati's team kept making up bullshit answers and then calling a false factum. oh well. band involved playing around with sleigh ride. i spent sixth period studying for the 7-8 period math test with adam, which went alright, and discussing the merits of the novel silver pigs, an intense mystery set in ancient rome, with zach, adam, and mr. whalley. marcus didius falco is the philip marlowe of ancient rome: streetwise, too honest for his own good, and a sucker for a pretty face. bad detective fiction sets my heart a-racin.

in physics we said goodbye to mr. plassmann and ate pizza. dan, johnny chang richard, alex graham and i had a nerd discussion about warcraft iii for a while, then i moved on to the big group of girls. molly insisted on trying on my glasses (though she does it at least once a week), set them down on her nose, and cried "i look so emo!" anita shih turned to me and said, "hey, you remember that girl--that girl emily from cty who was at all county? she said she bought glasses like those just so she could push them down." geez.

after school i packed for london and went to tim's house to wait for rob ross, who took us to see lotr: rotk. rob has a nifty firewire connection in his car that allows him to hook an ipod into the sound system. we were lost searching for the theatre until i played rammstein's "asche zu asche" at full volume and proclaimed it our driving theme, after which the road we'd been looking for suddenly materialized. gotta love german heavy metal with three-word lyrics.

rotk was definitely the best of the three movies in the series, though the ending was painfully drawn out. the fight scenes were pretty hot and there was some accidental comedy, and that's it.

tomorrow, to england.
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