Matt (mooddoogs) wrote,

'Rule Forty-two. All persons more than a mile high to leave the court.'

so...we competed in the third round of mock trial tonight against holy trinity. i was a little worried about sounding like daffy duck on the stand because i've been sick since sunday and stayed home monday, but it all worked out and i didn't have to blow my nose during testimony. the lawyers were slightly unprepared (josh was writing down his material for me ten minutes before we had to get on the bus) and we lost a few good questions to objections that our team could have argued down, but our witnesses were all skilled as usual. we lost by a few points, whatevar.

the judge came up to me afterward and said that i was spectacular, which was pretty cool. and our adversaries were a lot more professional than that asshat cocky oceanside team who we opposed in round two. or the newb yeshiva from round one whose witnesses couldn't make eye contact with the judge. i want to be a lawyer next year, if only because i like wearing a suit to school.
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