Matt (mooddoogs) wrote,

can't you see how your love's affecting our reality

evenin', folks. during first period adam showed me the pride and prejudice style piece about birth out of wedlock that he wrote at 4 a.m. not too bad, except that he comically used the word "lover" to close nearly every sentence, and chose to title the work "pretense and procreation". at least he doesn't put hidden messages in his livejournal entries; a special prize goes to the reader who can find the one here. catullus study and prep for the inclass english british novel critique essay took up most of second period in the library. respectively, adam, zach and i were begged for help in selecting a critique at least four times, but it's ok; i sure am glad i never procrastinate till the last minute, -ahem-.

anyway, the latin test and the essay turned out fine. next was band, during which i did nothing because my nose was stuffy. david soto, band conductor extraordinaire, seemed a little skeptical about my illness, but i did some powerful talking and he let me go. library shelving work followed, then math with dr. gerver. ended the day in emmer's physics class; he let us out at the beginning of ninth period because half the class had to go get ready for 'sports night', north shore's silly school spirit quasi-pep rally.

my latin tutoring charge's mother fired me after one lesson because her daughter had a basketball tryout for one appointment and chose not to show up for the others. i missed one when i was sick, but still. she claimed that her eighth grade daughter, who had no studying skills, had to "take responsibility for herself". good luck, kid. for my new assignment, i managed to score the one shakespeare tutoring job. capital. the mother was a little discouraging, though. apparently her daughter couldn't understand shakespeare from the beginning of the unit, has been doing badly on tests in other subjects, and "needs help with study skills". ruh roh. to help me find my new pupil, the mother described her daughter as "petite", which should help me in separating her from the other eighth graders in the middle school. but hey, we'll be reading julius caesar.
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check your e-mail, you lucky dog, de gaulle strikes again!