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speak, strike, redress!

yesterday afternoon i went to joy brigis' birthday brunch party at her house in sea cliff, along with fellow matts freiman and galati, emily gonthier, catie uihlein, alex m., laura deluca, kristalynn kempton, and newspaper co-editor molly zeins. we were served tasty baklava and other breakfast sweets, it was the win. i also got to discuss prom dresses with the girls, one of my favorite activities. i would go into more detail, but there was a lot about womens' waist sizes that i will never understand.

my dad took me home around four so that i could run and shower, then drove little brother zan and i to paradiso for his fifteenth birthday dinner, where we met up with my aunt and uncle from valley stream, my second cousin and cousin-in-law, and their fifteen-year-old daughter. the chicken marsala wasn't bad and we talked about the humor of curb your enthusiasm. zan was slightly sullen because i'd infected him with my cold, but we had a fine evening.

i went home and finally memorized catullus 86, a cruel but funny poem, then did some easy math and a practice national latin exam. the nle is tomorrow, i ain't too worried. the meter questions and the culture section are pretty easy, and i can study for the rest.

today i had my tutoring session with young amanda harowitz. she's actually not half bad at shakespeare, but her teacher forces the students to read straight through the play in class without stopping to puzzle out language or discuss shakespeare's meaning. julius caesar is also much too advanced for most eighth graders to be reading in school, but i think i'll be able to help. my gym teacher said that i'm in danger of failing because i missed too many classes this quarter and i should probably go to a makeup tomorrow morning, but i'm putting that off till next week. 'night
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