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today's breakdown by period:

0-went to the weight room for a gym makeup and ran three miles on the treadmill there. unfortunately the weight room clock is fifteen minutes slow so i had to run to class and didn't have time for a shower, leaving me feeling a little skeevy for the rest of the day.

1-dr. stark excused me for being late, yeah dr. stark, and we discussed eugene v. debs. he has a habit of telling max and calvin to be quiet while they're being well-behaved but lets the three hottie bopper girls in the back of the room keep talking, kinda lame.

2-picked up the pro caelio oration that i forgot to get on friday from mr. whalley, did the questions for it in the library, then shelved some books.

3-english consisted of discussing jonathan swift's modest proposal and snickering about the idea of eating babies. i unintentionally punned the suggestion that swift "served up some statistics". get in my belly.

4-whalley explained the finer points of pro caelio and described how one might administer the poison aconite through the vagina. he then called me up to the blackboard for a mysterious class demonstration and punctuated his request with a sardonic chuckle, but was cut off by the bell. guess whose class i'm cutting tomorrow.

5-band went alright. soto called on me to play something easy in candide and i totally blew it, but everyone else in the brass section did too, so it's okay, sort of.

6-helped adam carry the cake that brooke baked for him to the cafeteria, where we consumed it with zach and others. bought a pack of gum at the deli, went back to the library and finished today's shelving while obnoxiously popping a huge piece of bubblicious. i work there so i can do whatever i want.

7-function and limit practice. calvin quipped that dr. gerver's young children call him "docta goivah", 'cause that's how my math teacher talks, it was pretty funny.

8-in gym we did teamwork activities, this time trying to cross the shark-infested gymnasium floor with only a jumprope, two rubber bases, a hula hoop, and a flat scooter. oh pickleball, we hardly knew ye.

9-reviewed for tomorrow's physics test, it's gonna be easy.

after school-went to rehearsal until 4:15, then home for dinner, and came back to school for jazz band from 5:45-8:15. i only have to do latin homework and studying for physics, then sleep.
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