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for the gentle wind does move

i got into telluride, w00t! it's a cty-like summer program thing at cornell. they assigned me to some "battle of the sexes during the renaissance" course that wasn't my first choice, but whatevar. i spent most of my free periods studying for the double period electrostatics test so that i wouldn't suck a fuck, i think i did pretty well. i also bought prom tickets and handed in my kiss me kate newspaper article late, oops. i was at a guidance appointment on monday and the silly counselor didn't clear me, so i was marked on the school computer's detention list for cutting class and had to explain my innocence to all my teachers, who study the detention list daily to pick out their students' names. i called the guidance counselor, but she still didn't take care of it, so i had to go see the dean during 7th period math. this school...

anyway. after school i drove home, changed into concert clothes, and rode the big yellow bus to longwood high school in suffolk for a combined jazz concert with their band; during the journey ilena ryan told me how she didn't get into any of her choice colleges. poor girl. longwood hs has nearly 3000 students, more than the population of sea cliff, and a huge stadium to accommodate them. it was rather intimidating. we played black magic woman, charlie parker's now's the time, sing sing sing (the song from the chips ahoy commercial), and carl strommen's ben's blues. the other band did a few songs from their repertoire alone. i slept for greater part of the hour-plus bus ride back. justin musaffi invited me to go with him and his friends to otakon during the summer, but it conflicts with telluride. oh well.

i'm probably not going to do all state this year because it would be on the same day as the ap u.s., my teacher didn't help me find an accompanist until last week, and i have too much going on to practice for it. i'll still use the accompanist for making college tapes, but that'll come later. now i have to study for latin and the driver's ed mid-term. 'night
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